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Rupa & The April Fishes

After 9 years of touring around the globe with their high-energy music, Rupa returns to the stage with an emphasis of the intimate combining compositions for a string quartet coupled with her band, The April Fishes. Offering a live musical experience that is broad and spell-binding, the expanded band will be touring with the release of Rupa's fifth album - OVAL - which will be available internationally.

Working together with composer/arranger Mark Orton (Tin Hat, composer for film Nebraska), the songs on OVAL lay bare the raw lyricism of Rupa’s melodies while adding the rhythmic and harmonic depth of Orton’s arrangements, which were rendered impeccably by Grammy-nominated Quartet San Francisco and producer/bassist Todd Sickafoose (Ani DiFranco, Andrew Bird).

Listenable and approachable, OVAL showcases the dynamic range of Rupa’s songwriting, with compositions in French, English and Hindi and styles as diverse as waltz, tango, sea shanty, ghazal, and folk rock all cohesively brought together by Orton’s cinematic approach and the singular warmth of Rupa’s voice. The collection includes a timeless version of Rupa’s tantalizing slow milonga written in honor of the urge to merge, “Maintenant,” a heart-rending recording of a love song in a time of loss, “Wishful Thinking,” and a haunting cover of classic ghazal “Woh Kagaz Ki Kashti” by the late Jagjit Singh.

In addition to collaborator Todd Sickafoose, who produced OVAL with Rupa and the last Rupa & the April Fishes release BUILD (2012), the lineup on this album includes the Quartet San Francisco, JHNO on duduk, Ben Goldberg on clarinet, Allison Miller on drums, Jonathan Goldberger and Adam Levy on guitar, Rob Reich on accordion and Prasant Radhakrishnan on carnatic saxophone.

Rupa & The April Fishes will return in summer 2017 with her brand new live album

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25th June till 10th July 2017

Marion v Gaudeckerf  - marion@GRIOTproduction.de

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5-7 musicians, 1-2 crew

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Katja Plasse - katjaplasse@mac.com

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Rupa & the April Fishes:

Crafting a sound that is uniquely their own through the mash-up of musical styles from around the world, Rupa & the April Fishes deliver a live performance that is captivating, evolving and constantly pushing at concepts of genre and limits.  Fiery, engaging and wide-reaching, their music is the soundtrack for a world teetering on the edge of itself--with love, longing, loss and a sense of humor. With the addition of string quartet on this tour, the band's sound is situated somewhere in the neighborhood of Classical Crossover, bringing a delicacy together with the force of Rupa's compositions.

This current tour will include songs from the upcoming album OVAL  as well as new arrangements of old favorites from the band's prior three studio albums:  - the French stomp-cabaret of eXtraOrdinary rendition (2007), the Latin ska grooves of este mundo (2009), and the swinging big band and samba reggae of BUILD (2012).

By far the most varied and musically rich offering to date, Rupa & the April Fishes will present their signature balance of careful composition with wild improvisation through new songs and a fresh approach to their classics.

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