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The characteristic of the band is their wild mix of musical styles which Rupa simply states as „a beautiful mess“. Influenced from the multi-cultural hot spot San Francisco and with Rupa's very unique voice, the band creates simply magic on stage – by far the most varied and musically rich offering to date. With a new CD in tow, they are excited to spin around the European Festival circuit again!

Rupa & The April Fishes

create a singular sound that unapologetically runs across genre, culture and form to bring a fresh take on styles as diverse as indie folk, art rock, roots reggae, chanson, cumbia, jazz and politically charged punk. Their engaging body of music pulls from a decade of concerts, street parties, festivals and symphonic concerts on four continents, four studio albums and one live album, several languages from English to Tzotzil to French, many musical traditions, countless moments of joy, sorrow, loss, and transformation and a fierce independent spirit. The band's first album eXtraOrdinary rendition examines love from many angles, with lyrics mostly in French; the second Este Mundo traces the plight of migrants crossing borders, largely in Spanish; BUILD is their latest studio album primarily in English, produced with collaborator Todd Sickafoose. Its twelve songs examine the road from solitude to solidarity in both directions and arise from this particularly tender moment of global awakening—from the collapse of capitalism and false democracies to the rise of populist movements around the world. Their LIVE at the Independent album was produced at the request of fans who wanted to capture the wild balance of composition and improvisation that is the hallmark of the band's rock performance and has become a historic document at the center of a lawsuit which liberated "Happy Birthday To You" back to the commons where it belongs. Their latest release - OVAL - is an exquisite collection of string quartet love songs arranged by composer Mark Orton for Quartet San Francisco.

The band comes from all over the world and converge in the San Francisco area to become the April Fishes with ringleader Rupa. In their work together, musical languages converge; from punk to indie rock, from reggae to raga to rockabolly, chanson to cumbia, from Malian guitar patterns to mournful duduk melodies. In other times and places musical traditions have met to forge a sound that is more insistence than resistance; this band and their music belong to that long tradition of rebel music.

Rupa Marya

Rupa is a composer, songwriter, singer, guitarist and leader of the band Rupa & the April Fishes. She grew up in between the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern France and Northern India and her compositions span four languages and countless musical idioms, from French chanson to Colombian cumbia, from American folk to Indian ghazal. Through her band, she has released three studio albums of original music to worldwide acclaim, has toured extensively on 3 continents and recently released one solo project of intimate string quartets, which were arranged in collaboration with composer Mark Orton. She has been the recipient of a major grant by the San Francisco Arts Commission, for the composing and directing a mixed-media performance piece ¡Catapulta! which recognizes and celebrates the struggles of migrants around the world. A master of intercultural musical exchange, Rupa is currently working with indigenous Pacific Northwest women in British Colombia on a musical dialogue about the forces of nature. Her music has been used by Giorgio Armani without her permission, has appeared in NBC's Parenthood series and has been used with her enthusiastic support to further the work of performance artists, climate activists and food sovereignty activists around the world. The LA Times calls her sound "ecstatic and powerfully evocative."

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15. July to 10. August 2018

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"Front Line Roots" out in Spring 2018




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